But Diaz can still rock a gorgeous style whenever she goes out no matter what kind of outfit she wears. She is clearly ready for more challenges. Buy Charlie Wilson's War now with Amazon. First seen on the big screen in Woody Allen's Cassandra's Dream, Hayley Atwell has quickly carved out a niche playing plucky British girls who quickly show themselves to be so much more. But that same dirty blonde look is what really pushes Seyfried up in Hollywood as a lady much hotter than she seems. You can probably get AIDS from the intro alone. Please enter your comment! She really rocked it with her role in The House Bunny as a Playmate kicked out of the mansion who joins up with some nerdy gals including a younger Emma Stone to teach them confidence.

A lot of men like to complain when their partner gets their hair cut short. US Weekly. Actress Orgasmika. Stroke of Charm: Getting adorable on Jimmy Fallon's talk show. Here, a complete 4 liner that rhymes, written specifically for one of the best blondes out there. She was fun and a good actress, but as time went on and she rose to fame, she changed her style to compliment herself some more. More recently, she's been Tom Cruise's dream girl in Oblivion, the one person who can make him turn away from Andrea Riseborough. Stocky Blonde Girls Nude

Straying from the big screen, Dunst turned to television to try and revamp her career. Buy Gia now with Amazon. At 14, she began modeling for Macy's. In each, Romijn rocks a great blond haired style while still looking smooth on air. Stroke of Charm: Joining Stephen Colbert's book club. She's also humble and funny, which only adds to the appeal.

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In , her turn as a cheerleader in Bring It On showed her fun side. Currently onstage in London, look out for her kicking butt and taking names in the Marvel one-shot Agent Carter that accompanies the Iron Man 3 home entertainment release. Sexiest Role: In a film filled with standout performances, it's hard not to notice Maude Lebowski, the art-crafting Valkyrie sex goddess who wins over The Dude. And Mrs. Brazzers 2. Sexiest Role: Joan Harris has become a small-screen icon, but we'll go further back in her career and cite Firefly's scheming Saffron.

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